Absorbs up to 300% of its own weight depending on mix and packaging

Tests prove that 100 grams of silica gel are required to absorb moisture only 10 grams of desiccant will suffice. Ultra Dry's absorption rate is 8-15 times than that of common desiccants.

Moisture turns into gel, leakage free

The active ingredients, calcium chloride and gelling polymers when absorbing moisture turn into a gel eliminating any possibility of leakage.

Broad application temperature range from -5°C — 90°C

Desiccant technologies desiccants with their active ingredients are suitable and can be used in almost all the maritime environment worldwide.

Non Toxic and DMF free

Our Desiccant is a one time use utilizing calcium chloride and environmentally safe polymers and packaging ensuring that it complies with all national import standards

Patented designs and various relevant certifications

Desiccant technologies patented designs are practical, convenient and safe. We have passed Quality Management System certifications of sgs-dmf free Certification.