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Ultra Dry is a premium container desiccants and moisture damage prevention solutions manufactured by Desiccant Technologies (India) Pvt. Ltd. Ultra Dry products are widely used in virtually all the world's major manufacturing industries during ocean transport.

Our manufacturing unit is the most advanced of its kind in the world utilizing the most sophisticated equipment and testing technology to ensure our products are the safest and effective available.

There is virtually no limit to the number of products that have received Ultra Dry protection during their transportation worldwide, they include furniture, garments, footwear, bags, handicrafts, electrical goods, toys, machinery, auto parts, metals, metal products, agriculture products, pharmaceuticals, etc. Ultra Dry aims to supply the most efficient and cost effective solutions for our clients in the continuing battle to eliminate moisture damage not only by supplying desiccants but also reviewing all facets of their manufacturing storage and shipping that may negatively impact the quality of their goods.

Product Info:

UDS1000 - 1KG Size : 90cm x 19cm, Quantity/CTN : 10PCS , Total Net Weight/CTN : 10kg
UDS500 - 500G Size : 38cm x 19cm, Quantity/CTN : 20PCS , Total Net Weight/CTN : 10kg
UDS1400 - 1.4KG Size : 190cm x 18cm, Quantity/CTN : 7PCS , Total Net Weight/CTN : 9.8kg